"Demoged-Forte" veterinary medicinal product in combating ectoparazitosis in dogs and cats

  • Valeriu Enciu State Agrarian University of Moldova, Chişinău, Moldova
Keywords: arachnoses, Fipronil, diflubenzuron, testing, treatment, efficacy


Parasitic arachnoses, through their serious evolution, have anthropozoonotic characters with economic, sanitary and social implications. Infestation with arachnids diminishes considerably the quality of life of domestic animals, causing them metabolic diseases, scratching, stress, allergies and leads to the development of bacterial dermatoses. Fipronil is an acaricidal and stable remedy that lasts longer. The purpose of this study was the control of the efficacy of acaricide of the Demoged-Forte pharmaceutical product in order to combat the ectoparasites in cats and dogs, conditioned by the company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals LLC. The product is very effective in combating sarcoptoses and notoendrosis (98-100 %) in dogs and cats. In the treatment of otodectoses, the product demonstrated an efficacy of 99 %, and in demodicoses was found a result of about 90-92 %. Thus, Demoged-Forte independently, without complexs therap, demonstrated a high efficacy in the treatment of sarcoptoses, notoendrosis, otodectoses and demodicoses, ranging between 92-99 %, which confirms that we can treat animals without putting their lives in danger.


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