Microscopic changes in the spleen of cats that died from the infectious peritonitis

  • M. S. Kryshtop National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: cats, infectious peritonitis, dry form, mixed form, spleen, microscopic changes


The results of study of microscopic changes in the spleen of cats died from the infectious peritonitis are presented. At the dissection in 19 cats, we have established a mixed form of infectious peritonitis (73.1 % of cases), and in 7 cats – a dry form of the disease (26.9% of cases). At the histological examination of the spleen, we found that the microscopic changes in this organ in all cats, both in dry and in mixed forms of infectious peritonitis, were similar and independent of the duration of the lifetime course of the disease. On the surface of the spleen capsule, fibrinous-necrotic mases appear in places. Somewhere in the thicker of such mases and between them and the capsule of the spleen, there were large clusters of monocytes and single macrophages. In places under these overlays, the serum and connective tissue capsule of the organ were completely or partially destroyed.

In the serosa was founded the pronounced metaplasia of mesothelium cells and the infiltration of the serosa by monocytes and lymphocytes. Mesothelial cells clearly increased in size and transformed into columnar cells. The ratio of long and short axes of such cells ranged from 1.5 : 1 to 2.5 : 1, and the nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio ranged from 1 : 1 to 1 : 2.5. Their long axis was oriented perpendicular to the spleen surface. The cytoplasm of these mesothelial cells was also distinctly basophilic, the nuclei had an oval, irregular or rounded form, and contained 1 to 2 nuclei.

In the red pulp of the spleen, there was the almost complete disappearance of erythrocytes, and in white pulp of the spleen – a different degree of hyperplasia of lymphoid nodes and their hypertrophy.


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