• L. V. Ferenc Institute of Agriculture of Carpatian Region, Grushevskogo street, 5, Obroshyno village, Pustomyty district, Lviv region, 81115, Ukraine
  • M. D. Petriv Institute of Agriculture of Carpatian Region, Grushevskogo street, 5, Obroshyno village, Pustomyty district, Lviv region, 81115, Ukraine


The research work provided a solution to the problem of preserving the gene pool of Obroshyn gray (OS) and Obroshyn white (OB) geese, which will improve and enhance the valuable qualities of the original flock of geese, gain the desired economic characteristics and thus ensure the competitiveness of the industry in modern conditions.

The research was conducted in the laboratory of small livestock ISGKR NAAS and on the basis of SE DG "Miklashiv".

The main method of breeding is the selection and selection of individuals with high productive qualities in order to obtain the same type of bird that would meet the planned performance parameters.

Selection work was carried out by individual mass selection, aimed at consolidating the standard for each breed group of traits. Before the beginning of the breeding period, males and females of both groups were individually assessed by the exterior, typical plumage, live weight.

It was found that both Obroshyn gray and Obroshyn white geese were well selected for productive characteristics and showed high fattening and meat qualities. All birds are well adapted to the natural conditions of the western region.

Body sex measurements (chest circumference, torso length, keel, and metatarsus) were higher in males of the Obroshyn gray breed group of geese. Males at different ages had higher rates than females.

Obroshyn gray geese (group I) outperformed their peers from group II in terms of meat qualities, the weight of uncorked and gutted carcass, and yield of edible parts.

The pre-slaughter live weight of carcasses of males of group I (OS) was 4722 g and prevailed over peers of group II (OB) by 2.94%, and the live weight of females was 4149 g and was higher by 4.19%.

It was found that the difference in the number of erythrocytes in males and females was insignificant and almost does not change with age, and hemoglobin on the contrary - increases with age. Males in all study periods had higher serum total protein compared to females. The lowest rate was in males and females аt 4 weeks of age, however, there was no statistically significant difference between the groups in the number of erythrocytes, hemoglobin, and total protein content.


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УДК 619: 618.19-002:636.2

doi: 10.36359/scivp.2021-22-1.31

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