Exploring the speed of knockdown state occurrence | The hight of ixodid mite climb on the fabric processed with medicines | ProfiLine antiparasitic drops and ProfiLine antiparasitic collar

  • S. A. Sapko LLC «SRE Suzirye», Kharkiv, Ukraine
Keywords: ProfiLine antiparasitic drops, ProfiLine antiparasitic collar, fipronil, propoxur, S-methoprene, knockdown effect, mites, insectoacaricide


The speed of knockdown state occurrence, the height of ixodid mites climb on the fabric processed with ProfiLine antiparasitic drops and ProfiLine antiparasitic collar are determined.   The composition of ProfiLine antiparasitic drops contains fipronil in combination with S-methoprene, in ProfiLine antiparasitic collar – propoxur. ProfiLine antiparasitic drops medicine is an insectoacaricide solution, which used in practical conditions one time by dot application on the animal skin. ProfiLine antiparasitic collar intends to permanent wearing by animal with the aim of prevention against ectoparasites.

The effect of knockdown in all parasites was starting from disorientation, which means the mite started to move aside, then down and around. Time from the moment of crossing by parasites the lower border of site,  processed by medicines, into their fall off, was amounted to: in test of ProfiLine antiparasitic drops - 0,50-3,54 minutes, in test of ProfiLine antiparasitic collar - 0,54-5,10 minutes, and in average - correspondently 1,46 and 2,23 minutes. Meanwhile the maximal height of mite climb in test with active ingredient fipronil+S-methoprene was from 8,1-13,5 cm, an average value of AH 10,6 сm, for propoxur - 7,1-26 cm and 15,64 cm.

Besides it should be noted that average T10 value for ProfiLine antiparasitic drops was 47,4 sec, and ProfiLine antiparasitic collar - 40,03 sec, in control group - up to 36,6 sec.

The time of parasites fall off from controll test was over 10 minutes, meanwhile the height of mite climb by test been maximal - up to the end of tape.

The fall down mites were forwarded in clean utensils and observed during one hour. It was determined after the lapse of time, that all parasites from experimental group died, meanwhile the mites from controll group staying alive. The mites vitality was checking by their mobility and reaction to breath.

Thus, ProfiLine antiparasitic drops has an expressed knockdown effect. The time of knockdown state occurrence is 1,46 minutes, when the average height of climb - 10,6 cm. ProfiLine antiparasitic collar has also an expressed knockdown effect, which is 2,23 minutes with the average height of climb 15,64 cm.


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