Production inspection of efficiency of vaccine “Mastivac” against clinical and subclinical mastitis in cows

  • A. Levchenko Odessa State Agrarian University, Odessa, Ukraine
  • O. Fotin Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy, Ukraine
  • E. Ylko Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy, Ukraine
Keywords: mastitis, clinical mastitis, subclinical mastitis, vaccine


Mastitis is a factor disease, which pathogens are present permanently in organisms of animals – obligatory hosts. The conditions for the disease development are disorders of symbiotic balance in interspecies relations between pathogen and host, change in pathogen genotype, and stress effect on the animal organism. The principal law of epizootic process is the law of obligatness. The disturbance in this law balance is a trigger for the development of corresponding factor disease.

During the evolution process between an organism and various microbial species, a dynamic balance is created, which is controlled by the immune system and certain competitiveness between various microorganisms’ species. Many diseases are started because the balance of useful bacterial is disturbed a body, which causes decreases of immune protection.

Therefore, research and development of new preparations, which in the first place would prevent bacterial mastitis and guarantee milk quality is at present an important task for veterinary medicine. One of such preparations is vaccine “Mastivac” on the basis of inactivated bacterial cells of Streptococci, Staphylococci, Arcanobacteria, Escherichia inactivated by formaldehyde with added adjuvant aluminum hydroxide and isotonic sodium chloride solution to the volume 5 ml.

During clinical studies of “Mastivac” vaccine among 10 non-vaccinated cows, the researchers discovered two animals with clinical signs of mastitis and four animals with signs of subclinical mastitis. The tests of the cow’s milk showed that the milk from non-vaccinated cows had lowered parameters of milk quality – milk contamination classes 1, 2 and 3, while the milk from vaccinated cows corresponded to the highest class and had a negative result for mastitis test.

Studying of leucograms in cows of the non-vaccinated group revealed that in cows with subclinical mastitis the leucocytes count was higher comparing to leucocytes count in the vaccinated group. Leucocytes count in cows with signs of clinical mastitis was about 9.7±0.7 g/l, while Blood Serum Bactericidal Activity and Blood Serum Lysozyme Activity in vaccinated cows were significantly higher.

The efficiency of “Mastivac” vaccine allows improving reliably milk quality (decreasing the milk content of somatic cells) and rendering an economic profit, cutting down expenses for treatment, decreasing subclinical and clinical mastitis forms, and improving the immune status in cows.


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