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A serious problem for the development of industrial avian diseases is the emergence of viral diseases, in particular fowl pox virus. Improvement of dysfunctional farms for fowl pox, elimination of foci of pathogens are the most difficult problems facing modern veterinary science and practice. Outbreaks in poultry farms, leading to the need for veterinary and sanitary measures, are a way to protect the poultry from infection on the farm, which is very expensive. In recent years, attempts have been made to improve the means for specific prophylaxis of avian fowl pox diseases. This article describes the widespread use of the cultural vaccine in poultry farming, notes the promise of a cultured cell system, quail embryos, characteristic of economy, the absence of extraneous contaminants, the stability of biological properties, which facilitates the work with them, and is of no small importance in the production of vaccines.

The article describes the analysis of the possible cultivation of the strain "Baku".

It is also shown that embryos of Japanese origin are more convenient and advantageous tissues for the cultural production of primary cell systems, as well as for biological mass, vaccine production, simplicity, economy, lack of extraneous contaminants and biological properties. It is shown that the culture of the cells of Japanese quail embryos is a promising system for creating highly immunogenic agents that provide special protection against diseases lacking extraneous contaminants and stable biological properties.


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