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General information


Scientific and Technical Bulletin оf State Scientific Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medical Products and Fodder Additives аnd Institute of Animal Biology included in the "List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine" (category "B"), which can publish the results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Science, Candidate of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences (last re-registration, according to the Ministry Education and Science of Ukraine of March 17, 2020 № 409).

The scientific and technical bulletin accepts the original articles on the main directions of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. According to the requirements of the HAC of Ukraine (No. 7-05 / 1 dated 15.01.2003), the article should have the following necessary elements: statement of the problem in general form and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks; an analysis of the latest research and publications in which the problem is solved and which the author relies on, the selection of previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted; formulating the goals of the article (setting the task) presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific results obtained; research findings and research perspectives in a particular direction.

The journal does not accept any forms of plagiarism and has its own special criteria for its identification. The journal uses software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts: Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat, Etxt. Manuscripts in which plagiarism or textual borrowings are found without reference to the original source are rejected by the editorial board for publication in the journal. More details on Journal's Plagiarism policy.

The articles in the bulletin are printed in Ukrainian and the foreign authors in English, Polish or Russian. The manuscript of the article is sent in one copy together with the expert opinion and review to: DNDKI of veterinary preparations and feed additives, ul. Donetskа, 11, Lviv, 79019. The electronic version of the article should be sent to e-mail: achaikivska@scivp.lviv.ua or alexandra.dndki@gmail.com

Articles are edited in Microsoft Word 6 or 7 in docx format. Times New Roman font. Font size - 12, in 1 interval, A4 size with margins: left and right - 2,0 cm, top and bottom - 2,54 cm, paragraph - 1,25 cm, sheet A4.



ARTICLE TITLE (in Ukrainian)

(The title of the article should briefly state its contents, contain no more than 12 words)

Author's initials and surnames, scientific degree, academic title

The official name of the organization

Postal address (street, house, city, index, state)


Ukrainian abstract / abstract (according to the language of the article). Volume is 1800-2000 characters (italicized).

The abstract should be clear and informative (not contain common phrases), original, meaningful (reflect the main content of the article), structured (written as a single paragraph of the text, but follow the sequence of results in the article). The abstract should contain an introductory sentence, a brief description of the research methods (1-2 sentences), a description of the main results (50-70% of the volume of the abstract) and concise conclusions. The abstract should be clear without getting acquainted with the main content of the article.

Keywords: 4–6 WORDS (WORDS), none of which duplicates words from the article title

ARTICLE TITLE (in English)

Author's initials and surnames (in English)

Official name of the organization (in English)

Postal address (street, house, city, index, state) (in English)


Abstract in English. 1800-2000 characters in length. The abstract is identical to the Ukrainian abstract.

The international databases to which your article will be included after its publication in the journal do not translate or translate anything, they will accept any variants of your surname, initials, organization names mentioned in the article, even with errors. The text should use the terminology used in relevant international English language journals.

An experimental article should include the following sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Research Perspectives, Literature. References. An overview article can have different sections with arbitrary titles, but conclusions and References are required.

Materials and methods

The section should make it possible to repeat the entire body of research to verify the data obtained by the author of the article, except for the generally accepted ones.

Results and discussion

The requirements for writing this section are general, as is the case for all international scientific publications. The discussion should summarize the results, compare them with the results of other studies. Tables and figures should be numbered according to the content of the article. Statistical and other details are given below the table in the notes. Tables and figures are placed in the text of the manuscript immediately after the first mention of them. All text elements in images (graphs, charts, diagrams) should, if possible, have a Times New Roman font for editing. Prepare mathematical formulas and equations in the built-in equation editor. Use units of the International Measurement System.

Items returned after finalization later than a month are treated as new receipts. The Editorial Board reserves the right to correct and reduce the text. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the content of the submitted materials.

You can use the articles published in the latest issue of the Science and Technology Bulletin as an example.

References in the text of the article are given by example (Last name, year), for example: one author - (Vinson, 1997), two authors - (Vargo & Laurel, 1994; Vargo & Hulsey, 2000), three or more authors - (Jones et al ., 1978; Davis et al., 1989).


Conclusions - It is better to give 5-10 sentences in a solid text. Acknowledgments (if necessary) are submitted after conclusions before the literature.

Prospects for research.

Prospects for research - 2-3 sentences


References are given alphabetically, not in the order of reference in the text.


It is necessary to make all authors, without reducing their number. List the links in accordance with the requirements of the APA - American Psychological Association, with doi indexes listed on www.crossref.org.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.